One of the most common skin disorders on the face is blackheads. Medically termed as comedones, they are caused by the accumulation of oil in the sebaceous glands. They actually start to grow and appear as whiteheads but darken as they undergo oxidation. Blackheads may seem unnoticeable from afar, but when you look closely at the face (particularly the nose) of a person, you can see tiny black spots in the openings of their pores.

Getting rid of blackheads can start by maintaining a daily skin care regimen. One step is by using mild and gentle facial soaps or cleansers. In this way, you don’t only get rid of excess oil in your skin but this also lessens skin irritation. When washing the face, it’s better to use warm water first, as this opens the pores, and then use cool water later in rinsing as this closes the pores.

A mixture of lemon juice and water is a great combination in getting rid of bacteria that have been accumulating on your skin. You may also use a toner with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid also kills the bacteria that may have caused blackheads. Washing the face with rosewater aids in getting rid of the oils that have blocked the pores. Steaming also helps in loosening dirt that has been embedded on the skin.

Steaming can be done by standing over a steam of hot water and draping a towel over the head to prevent the steam from escaping. Once you are done with steaming, you may proceed to exfoliating your skin.

Exfoliation sheds off the old skin, thereby encouraging the appearance of newer and smoother skin. It also prevents future breakouts. Exfoliating up to three times a week is recommended. Brands like Biore and Neutrogena have great exfoliating products. After exfoliation, you may also use moisturizers on your face.

Moisturizers hydrate the skin and are important if you want to avoid formation of blackheads. Tomato, which is an excellent source of Vitamin C, is a natural remedy for getting rid of blackheads. Applying tomatoes on the affected areas makes skin supple which leads to the easy removal of blackheads. Other natural remedies for acne include fresh mint juice and Fenugreek leaves mixed with water.

It is much easier to prevent blackheads than to eliminate them, so have the patience and determination to maintain your beauty rituals. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of your time. In the end it will pay off and you’ll thank yourself for a job well done.

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