Theories of how athletes can increase their vertical jump abilities are so many and so bizarre that many aspiring athletes who have tried them end up frustrated and believing that it is not possible to increase one’s vertical jump ability.

The truth is that there are realistic ways in which you can increase your vertical jump ability through exercises called plyometric exercises. These are simple but varied exercises that you are very likely familiar with, but when done at high intensity can make the leg, thigh and lower back muscles strong, powerful, explosive, fast and more tolerant to pressure to increase your vertical jump. These drills have been in use progressively since the 1970s when they were first used in Eastern Europe. All over the world, professional and amateur athletes are now taking full advantage of plyometric workout programs to be better players by increasing their vertical jump abilities.

Basketball GoalWhat will you benefit from plyometric vertical jumps?

Since plyometric exercises focus on muscles that make your motion quick and effective, you will learn to coordinate leg and thigh movements. This will involve compressing muscles during the load stage of jumping by making use of gravity, reducing the period between the load and explode stages and finally making the muscles explode with high intensity to propel the body as high as possible. If you undertake plyometric exercises correctly, you will reap the benefits of being able to sprint faster and jump higher than you can now.

If you are a basketball player seeking to learn how to jump higher to dunk, plyometric exercises may be the answer to your quest. Start today and reap the full benefits of being able to out jump your opponents on the court and make a great player out of yourself.

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