Just because it is getting cold outside doesn’t mean you have to give up your workouts and hibernate all winter. Take your workouts indoors and enjoy some of these easy ways to lose weight fast during the cold winter months.

Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

Many of us have treadmills sitting in our homes that have become clothes hangers or basement dust collectors, but these machines offer a great way to keep walking through the winter months. (When summer comes you can hang up those clothes and take your walk outside again.) Try rotating the following workouts for strength and cardio challenges to keep you losing weight quickly during winter.

Each of these treadmill workouts should last a minimum of 30 minutes:

  • Incline Strength Workout – Warm up with a five-minute walk at an incline of 1 or 2, then increase the incline by 1 every two minutes for 16 minutes. Slow down by gradually decreasing the incline every few minutes.
  • Cardio Walkout – Warm up for five minutes, then increase the speed gradually for two minutes, decrease the speed for two minutes and repeat four or five times. Cool down for five minutes.
  • Strength and Cardio – Warm up for five minutes at an incline of 1 or 2, walk at a fast pace for 20-30 minutes, and cool down for five minutes

Try to put your treadmill (and you) to work for at least five workouts a week. Walking 30 minutes five times a week is a great way to lose weight; adding the intensity of an incline or increasing the speed will help you burn more calories. Burn more calories = burn more fat = lose more weight.

Indoor Strength Training Exercises

In addition to using that dusty treadmill, add some squats and lunges while watching TV. Sit ups work your core muscles. Resistance bands are inexpensive and can add some resistance to some basic stretching and toning exercises. Buy a set of hand weights (also inexpensive; try your local Walmart) and add some basic arm curls or triceps curls to help tone your muscles.

Summer is Just Around the Corner!

Don’t wait until spring for the mad dash to lose weight fast for the summer. Dust off your exercise tapes and home exercise equipment and start losing weight now!