Meal replacement shakes for weight loss are becoming a more common approach for women who want to control their calorie intake as a way of losing weight. This method of dieting can be effective but as with most diet programs the most important factor on the road to success will be your own motivation and self-control. 

How does this diet plan work?

Meal replacement shakes for weight loss are typically very low in calories, but have large volume. So you can almost trick your stomach into thinking you are full up, but with fewer calories than a typical meal would contain. If you can replace two of your daily meals with one of these shakes then you will be on the right track. 

The great thing about using these meal replacement shakes is that you will know how many calories are in each one. This will lessen the burden as compared to other diet regimes where you are required to count the calories of every single ingredient in your meals. This way all you really need to count is your evening meal which should be a well-rounded portion.

How many calories can I lose in a week?

Meal replacement shake plans will ideally target a weight loss of one or two pounds a week. This is not a crash diet approach, and we do not recommend those types of diets.  Within each shake there will typically be around two hundred calories, and we will be targeting a daily intake of thirteen hundred in order to hit that weight loss target.  So as you can see, by having two shakes and one main meal you should easily lose weight on this program.

What are the alternatives?

The meal replacement shake diet is a safe but short-term diet plan and we don’t recommend you stick to it for any longer than a month.  Some women have recently spoken to us about other methods they have tried to employ such as hypnosis – but if you have ever tried to give up smoking using a hypnosis CD to stop smoking you will know how hard this can be.  Just try and stick with the shakes, and although the progress will seem slow, you can lose up to eight pounds in the month.

What is in a meal replacement shake?

If you want to do the made-at-home versions, then typical ingredients will include plenty of fresh fruit, ice, milk, and soy. Some women add protein powder as well, just to give it that extra boost. If you are stuck for time then there are plenty of off-the-shelf brands available in food stores or you can buy online.  One of the more famous brand names is Slimfast, which you will probably be familiar with.

Is there anything else I need to know?

As we stated at the top of the page, the most important factor that will determine whether you succeed or not is your own sustained commitment to the plan you choose. You can do it, and if you combine your diet efforts with some exercise as well, there is no reason why you can’t be healthy and happy in time for the summer.