If you are now or have previously been overweight, one of the things you should be concerned with is how to keep weight off as opposed to how to lose it. In order to maintain weight loss, there are certain steps to follow, particularly when it comes to your diet plan as well as fitness regimen. Below is an outline of the most important elements your weight reduction plan should have in order to successfully lose all the excess pounds and keep them off permanently.

Low Carbohydrates Diet
There is much left to be desired from fad diets these days, especially those that limit food intake to the point that you can only consume tasteless soup for weeks at a time. You should know that starving yourself and limiting your food choices is neither an effective nor healthy weight loss solution.

Maintaining a low-carb/high-protein diet has been proven to produce positive results. The important thing is to eat lean protein and healthy carbs that are low on the Glycemic Index.

Consuming more protein rich foods forces the body to work harder to convert such energy sources to actual usable energy and burning more calories in the process. Keep in mind that creating a calorie deficit is the most important part of weight maintenance. So you need to eat less, just never less than on a 1000 calorie diet menu.

Steer clear of fast food junk and sugar-laced products if you wish to keep weight off effectively.

30-Minute Daily Cardio

Whether you spend it on the treadmill or running around the neighborhood, 30 minutes of cardio is recommended. Keeping your heart rate up is essential in order to keep your metabolic rate fast. You might want to consider getting some home fitness equipment such as an aero pilates machine or elliptical machine which you can use anytime. Working out 3-4 times a week is most ideal as it allows your body to continue burning off calories without driving you to fatigue.