Interested in losing weight with a good workout plan? Surely, you must have heard about these two systems: P90X and Insanity workout. These two exercise programs are among the most successful, as both have different approaches to a fitness routine to help you attain your goals. Both routines are extremely popular, yet very unique on their own merits. It’s good to know what these routines are all about in order to choose which would be more appropriate for you. Here is a way for you to understand P90X vs Insanity and pick the one which best suits your fitness needs.

P90X is a program which should be done obediently within 90 days in order to be most effective. It does not require any special equipment or a trip to the gym. In fact, you can do P90X within your own home, and all you will need is a chair, a bar for chin-ups, a set of dumbbells and shoes for feet protection. P90X is done in a one and a half hour exercise session for six days a week. The seventh day is a rest day, with the option to continue the therapy if desired. Some say it is an all-in-one routine, making it a cardio work-out as well as for developing muscles. This way, you’ll be able to lose your unwanted weight while building greater strength, tone and endurance.

The P90X program will guide you to be able do many different exercise procedures during the six days of the routine. You might lift weights for a day, perform some punches on the next, and then move to some yoga poses. Your body will experience constant and diverse challenges during the three months of the P90X workout.

The Insanity program on the other hand is a 60 day program focusing on cardiovascular training. Very different from the P90X, the Insanity workout will not make you lift weights or do chin ups. The exercises are also performed in a shorter time period, about 35-40 minutes in its first phase and about an hour and 15 minutes in the next level. One should be prepared with a good pair of shoes as well as a mat to stand and jump on. Even though it takes a little less time, the Insanity program is as intense as P90X and can produce effective results if performed as instructed.

In the P90X vs Insanity debate, only you can choose which works better for you. Both include the use of plyometric exercizes. Never boring or overly repetitive, both programs offer a dynamic and enjoyable workout experience that will keep you engaged and on track toward your fitness goals.