Acne scars can sometimes be worse than the acne itself. Even after an inflammation dies down, acne scarring can leave the skin discolored and pock-marked. However, unless the scars are deep, scars of any kind will eventually fade with time as your skin heals and renews itself.

Although there are a few options available when trying to figure out how to get rid of acne scars more quickly, the best solution is to try not to get them in the first place. Keep your skin clean, treat the acne the best you’re able, but otherwise leave it alone! Picking, popping or scratching can irritate the skin, introduce infection and aggravate an already aggravating condition.

Nevertheless, sometimes the scarring can’t be prevented. If you have the means, there are advanced treatments available, usually involving some method of removing the outermost layers of skin, thereby removing the scars. These methods can include light abrasion, physical abrasion, or chemical peels.

In mild cases, these procedures can clear up scarring entirely, but in more severe cases, they may be able to at least accelerate the healing process by clearing away the dead upper layers. If you are interested in these kinds of medical procedures, or if your condition is severe, consult a qualified dermatologist.

There is also information about natural acne treatments and scarring remedies available in books or on the internet. Although there is little scientific evidence to either support or deny the efficacy of many of these methods, some acne sufferers have used them and reported positive results.

These types of treatments can include topical application of aloe vera, lemon or tomato juice, olive oil, honey, or a variety of herbal oils and masks. As listed, some of these treatments may involve the use of oils, which, although natural, may worsen your acne, especially if your skin type already tends to be oily.

The most important premise behind these techniques, though, is to give your body and skin plenty of vitamins and minerals, as this will help your skin heal, shed old layers and rejuvenate newer layers.

Drinking plenty of water, besides keeping the rest of your body healthy, will also help your skin cleanse itself and grow new layers faster and smoother. You can also try applying antibiotic ointment overnight to particularly troublesome spots, as these ointments can sometimes help scars fade.

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