Dental implants are artificial teeth that are screwed into the jaw. Dental implants are becoming a more common choice for tooth replacement today. As technology and methods improve, it is possible to get a prosthetic tooth that functions like the rest of you teeth, and sometimes even better.

The cost of dental implants is typically the main roadblock to dental implantation. The cost of dental implants is about $1,250 to $3,000 per tooth. If a bone graft is required to strengthen the jaw bone that cost can quadruple. This procedure is rarely covered by health plans, as it is considered cosmetic surgery.

Because the strength of the jaw bone is the main key to the success of a dental implant, a careful bone evaluation is necessary. If your bone tissue is soft or too thin to perform an implant, your dentist will suggest a bone graft before moving forward with the implantation. A bone graft improves the strength of bone where the implant is going to be placed. This procedure greatly increases the total cost of the implant.

Most insurance carriers consider dental implants an elective or cosmetic surgery, and therefore do not cover the costs of dental implants. You absolutely want to check on this before moving forward with the procedure.

Another consideration is in selecting the dentist who will be performing the dental implant. This is always a wise investment. While all dentists can perform the procedure, those who have gone through specialized training are typically a better pick. It is always good to ask your doctor’s training to ensure safety and success of the procedure.

The success rate is quite high for dental implants, with about 10 percent of implants failing. As mentioned before, the strength of the jaw bone largely determines the success or failure of a dental implant surgery. If the implant does not take root, the implant will be removed and can be reinserted after six weeks.