Conditions like fibromyalgia put a real strain on you and your family. Not only does it leave you with aches, pains and all sorts of strange symptoms, but you also have little energy to deal with trying to find real help. You may have become disillusioned with the traditional medical approaches at this point and you’re about to give up. Well, that would be a mistake – too many people rely on you in life. You owe it to them and yourself to take your life back. Even if you’ve heard of or tried chiropractic in the past, you may be open to hearing about a new approach, one that is a bit more progressive than the traditional style.

Chiropractic dates back to 1895 when a man by the name of Daniel David Palmer discovered the means to free up the interference that structurally inhibits the flow of information between the brain and body by way of the nervous system. He discovered that by applying a force to the spine, it could be repositioned, thus unwinding the distortion or compression. This is just one aspect of the stressors that our bodies experience, however. We also encounter mental, emotional and biochemical stressors that our bodies must adapt to. If they are unable or compromised at the time, it will lead to tension being stored or developing in our body/mind that will ultimately affect our health.

ChiropracticYou are probably aware of the fact that stress could be a big part of the reason you are in the situation you are in. Doctors have known for years how bad stress is for our health. The problem is that it is not well understood in terms of how that stress translates into symptoms or disease. Likewise, it is not dealt with in clinical practice any differently than using drugs, physical therapy or surgery. Fibromyalgia does not respond well to these traditional approaches, as you may know by now.

Since traditional approaches for your fibromyalgia are either ineffective or difficult to tolerate, then you might consider more gentle approaches like Network Chiropractic or acupuncture. This style of chiropractic utilizes very light touch contacts and acupuncture has thousands of years of history to back it up.

If you really want to address your fibromyalgia, you’ll need to address the underlying causes and contributing factors affecting your life and your condition. These are the physical dimensions but also the emotional, mental, biochemical and spiritual sides. Traditional medical treatment addresses the physical but leaves the others alone. Network chiropractic addresses these other dimensions by way of improved function of your nervous system.

Since 1998, Gilbert chiropractor Dr. Michael J. Funicello, has been serving the communities of the greater Phoenix metro area from his private practice.