With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time of year to start building up your home gym. Your body will instinctively want to start burning some of the weight you’ve held on to so that you would remain warmer for the winter. Instead of waiting until beach season gets here and trying to lose your extra weight in a short period of time, plan ahead and just try to lose a few pounds each week so that by the time the summer is here, you will be set.

Setting up your home gym doesn’t take too much to start. Just a few pieces of home fitness exercise equipment is all you will need. The key for your first purchases is to make sure they are as versatile as possible. A piece of equipment that only works one or two muscle groups may be helpful down the line, but at first it is not what you are looking for.

Dumbbells can be used in so many different ways, so it is important to put them at the top of your shopping list. Having a bunch of pairs of dumbbells of a set weight is convenient, but not practical for those with space limitations or a limited budget. Instead, you may want to consider adjustable dumbbells which take up far less room than set weights. The manual variety of adjustable dumbbells are a great way to save some money too. The automatic adjustable dumbbells are faster and easier to use, especially the Bowflex variety.

To expand the different kinds of exercises you can perform, you will want to consider a weight bench. They are great for adding variety and allowing yourself to perform exercises in different ways. The best weight benches are the type that are adjustable and can offer different angles. This will enable you to work different parts of your muscles to give yourself a complete and toned look to your body. There are certain exercises (such as bicep curls) which can be better and more focused if you are in a seated position. Your energy is directed entirely at the muscle you are working instead of being spread throughout your body.

It doesn’t take much to get your home gym going. Just these few simple items will have you exercising and getting into shape in no time at all.