If you are looking for an exercise regimen that promises fast results, the P90x at-home fitness program is an option that is quickly growing in popularity. Not only does this award-winning program allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home, but it is also known to be a program that delivers dramatic results to those who faithfully follow its recommendations.

A team of fitness experts and nutritionists developed the program and although it is intense, it is one of your best bets on the market if you are looking for a plan that will reward your effort with rapid results.

A core component of the P90x program is the idea of muscle confusion. When you follow the same routine week after week, your body will get used to this routine and the result can be a plateau. The P90x program avoids this by changing which workouts you are doing and in what order exercises are performed. In a given week, you will not do the same workout routine twice. And after three weeks, what you are doing each week changes! The result of this is that your body never gets into its comfort zone and you see results quickly without stagnating.

The p90x program is intense, and because of this it is not designed for those who are seriously overweight, have health issues or are elderly. In fact, when you receive your p90x fitness program you will be asked to perform a fitness test to determine if you are P90x-ready. If you are unable to complete the test, the recommendation is that you complete the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp, which is less intense but still delivers results.

If you do decide to complete the program, the P90x workout schedule will have you working out six days a week for at least one hour at a time. After just ninety days, your body will be transformed!