It’s finally time to get your first male laser hair removal treatment. You’ve done your homework, selected a reputable facility and completed the preparation steps as outlined by your provider. The next step is to show up for your appointment with the right attitude and realistic expectations. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Patients should always arrive clean and well shaven with just enough hair showing so the operator can do their job. They will also be asked to skip their normal routines with make-up, deodorant and perfume on treatment days. This will greatly increase the chances for a successful treatment as anything left on the skin could adversely affect the laser as it targets the hair follicles.

While laser hair removal for men is not overly painful, different people experience pain in different ways. The laser pulse itself has been likened to a rubber band snapping against your skin. Some users request anesthetic cream to be applied beforehand to minimize any pain or discomfort. This is only an option for small areas such as upper lips, eyebrows, etc. and in small quantities. Larger areas of the body should not use this cream as serious adverse effects can result. Be sure to consult your practitioner or Doctor if you have any concerns. Some providers discourage this practice so as not to affect the laser treatment. In that case, you can use Tylenol or other oral pain relievers.

Laser hair removalThe laser emits a pulse of light about the size of a nickel. The operator will move the laser wand over the treatment area applying a pulse of light at each interval. The treatment for underarms will only take about 10 minutes but larger areas like backs or chests may take up to an hour or longer.

Your skin will most likely be red and irritated after the laser treatment. This is a normal reaction and nothing to be alarmed about. Keep your skin well hydrated after the procedure and protected from the sun. Aloe vera gel or cream is widely used and works well in these instances or simply ask your provider which cream they recommend. The redness and irritation should disappear in a day or two. 

Following these simple guidelines will enable you to get back into your normal daily routine without any delay. Your skin should resume its normal look and feel within one or two days. Be sure to consult your provider if anything unusual should arise.