There is no such thing as a “perfect” part of the body, but no imperfection is more frustrating and despised than cellulite. It doesn’t just affect one’s physical appearance but can also diminish self-confidence, especially in social situations. People fighting cellulite often become withdrawn in order to avoid embarrassment about their appearance. Of course, these worries are often inflated; few people will notice the condition or think ill of someone because of it. Still, it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to do all they can to reduce or eliminate stubborn cellulite from their bodies. A combination of healthy eating habits and physical activity stands the best chance of being effective.

It is easy to learn a simple cellulite exercise or two that can help you minimize or remove the existing cellulite build-up. Here are a few examples:

Jumping Jacks Simple jumping jack exercise is a good place to start. Most everyone remembers from childhood how to do jumping jacks.

Walking and Stair Climbing Don’t overlook the obvious opportunities to get a great workout with simply walking around your neighborhood or at a shopping mall. Climb the stairs in your home or in a public building… go up then come back down as briskly as you can safely manage. This offers aerobic benefits as well as fat-burning exercise.

Pedaling Lay down on your back on the floor. Lift both of your legs and kick in a circular movement as though you are pedaling an invisible bicycle.

Semi-Squats Stand up straight with your arms extended for balance. Keeping your spine straightened, slowly bend your knees and lower yourself to an almost seated position. Hold the pose for about 10-15 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.

Dumbbells Light weight lifting with dumbbells, such as curls, can help attack cellulite in your arms. You can also use dumbbells to provide extra resistance during walking, stair-climbing or during the semi-squat exercise to focus on leg and hip cellulite.

All of these exercises for cellulite can be performed during your idle time since they don’t require expensive, space-hogging machines. Except for the dumbbells, they rely on gravity and your own body weight to provide resistance. Simple exercises can do wonders as long as they are practiced in a consistent and disciplined way.

Simply doing a few repetitions and then quitting won’t produce noticeable results. To get the most benefit from your exercises, you must repeat them until your muscles become fatigued and unable to continue. Do this every other day, follow a fat burning meal plan and stay committed to it for no less than six weeks. You may be surprised at the transformation you can experience.

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