So many people suffer from heartburn, acid flux disease, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and stomach ulcers, but do not recognize that it is often possible to prevent these conditions or mitigate their ill effects. Some who well understand their condition may still be so used to a particular kind of lifestyle that they don’t take any positive measures to prevent or control acid reflux.

The best way to deal with this condition is using preventative measures, including a proper diet for acid reflux, instead of waiting to suffer the discomfort then going for medications to treat the problem. Of course, acid reflux control does not mean just eating a balanced diet; in most cases it takes more than that.

In order to minimize acid reflux, you have to reduce the acidity in the stomach and lower the pressure caused by the food you eat. Reducing acidity basically means you eat foods with lower pH value because excessive acidity in the stomach can trigger acid reflux in many cases. You will also have to discipline yourself in regard to your eating habits, learning to eat small amounts of food more frequently rather than taking large servings of food twice or three times a day. Eating large portions at one time creates pressure in the stomach and this can force the stomach contents up the esophagus and into the lower throat, causing inflammation.

PregnancyPeople with a greater risk of suffering acid reflux problems are pregnant women, people who have put on weight and those with digestion problems. Dealing with acid reflux in women who are pregnant is a matter of avoiding foods with high acidity content and eating smaller, more frequent meals. The growth of the baby in the womb puts pressure on the stomach, making the consumption of large meals problematic and inadvisable for those prone to acid reflux problems.

Alcohol, greasy and fatty foods, coffee and tea and some highly acidic fruits and vegetables are also notorious for triggering acid reflux and their consumption should be kept at a minimum to help avoid acid reflux.