Constant or chronic tiredness is a silent, but dangerous epidemic. It is difficult to comprehend how much damage it can inflict on a person’s health and general well being. The problem with constant tiredness is that it can significantly affect your productivity, your mood, as well as both mental and physical state. Just imagine if you are on the freeway, driving, while feeling weak and tired, what do you think might happen?

So, what is it that is causing you to feel tired? There are many known contributing factors and those are the things that will be discussed in this article. So, read on and get informed!

One of the reasons you often find yourself saying why am I always tired is maybe because you are not properly hydrated. Regulated supply of fluids in your body is important as it helps keep your energy levels high, thus making you alert and lively.

You see, water makes up about ninety-eight percent of your entire body content. If your body does not have enough water in it, the tendency is that your blood will get thicker and your heart will be forced to work double time in order to pump blood into your entire system. In doing so, much of your energy is used up by your heart; hence you start feeling weak and fatigued. With this said, it is vital that you always carry bottled water with you so you get that regular supply of water your body very much needs.

Tired, depressedAnother contributing factor is your mood or mindset. You most probably have noticed that there are certain moods which can take precedence over tiredness such as the feelings of excitement, arousal, happiness etc. You see, these moods pump out endorphins (feel-good hormones) which help counteract serotonin (sleepy hormones), hence boosting your energy levels. On the other end, anxiety, depression and the like can contribute to your tired feeling. So, stay happy and try to see all the good things in life rather than focusing too much on the negatives.

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