Older adults and seniors hoping to regain a more youthful appearance may think that a face lift or other expensive and invasive cosmetic surgery procedure is the only effective option available to them. But there are several alternatives to paying those high cosmetic surgery prices before committing to such dramatic and irreversible measures.

In addition to the financial toll for this kind of facial surgery, the physical risks can’t be ignored. Remember, any time the skin is cut and tissue is repositioned or removed, it is a permanent alteration that cannot be reversed. Even the most skilled cosmetic surgeon cannot “undo” what has been done. Patients must be absolutely certain that surgery is the most desirable remedy for their needs.

There are three very popular alternatives to cosmetic surgery. They are facial creams, dermal fillers and Botox injections.

The least expensive and logical place to start is with creams and anti-aging lotions. These can be purchased from your doctor, at a retail store or online. The patient will need to decide which one is most suitable based upon the advice of a physician, reviews of the products and recommendations from people who have used them. The prices vary from $20 and up depending on the chosen brand and treatment regimen. Some of these products can be surprisingly effective, but require daily application to maintain the desired result. Many consist of multiple applications of specialty products to achieve a balanced skin care system.

The next alternative requires a little less daily maintenance. Dermal fillers must be performed by a qualified doctor or trained health professional. A certain type of plastic beads is placed just underneath the skin so that wrinkles and fine lines are not as prominent. This is not a permanent solution and one may need to have the procedure repeated every few months or when the need arises.

Similar to dermal fillers, a third alternative is also low maintenance, but a little more expensive. Very popular in Hollywood and beloved of aspiring actresses everywhere, Botox is an injection that also reduces wrinkles. It is a liquid chemical solution that causes the muscles where it is injected to become numb. This renders the wrinkles less noticeable but will only last for three to four months before it must be redone.

That is only the barest outlines of your alternatives to having ‘full-on’ cosmetic surgery, but we hope that it at least gives you something to think about. Why not at least try the alternatives first; you may get the result you were looking for without having to take out that second mortgage!