Before you consider any protein supplements, you need to choose between two main options: Whey protein blend/protein isolate (WPI/WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI). The difference between these too is that WPI contains a larger percentage of protein, while (WPI/WPC) has lower amounts of fat. Dymatize ISO 100 is a quality protein supplement that is made form 100% isolate protein. This protein is free of fat and lactose, making it healthier for people who are interested in serious bodybuilding.


This protein supplement is available in four main flavors, which is more variety compared to some competing protein shakes brands. These flavors are berry, chocolate, pina colada and vanilla. All of these flavors taste excellent when they are mixed with either water or milk. Often it is better to simply mix them with water because it makes the shake easier to absorb right after a workout.


Some protein shakes are extremely lumpy when they come into contact with water, but that is not the case with the Dymatize ISO 100. Placing a scoop of this powder into water will cause it to easily dissolve with no graininess or clumping. The powder also does not produce any foam, so it can be drunk immediately after being mixed in.


Dymatize ISO 100 has the ability to assist with both muscle development and weight loss, depending on what goals you are trying to accomplish. The low amount of fat this supplement contains will allow your body to put on weight without having to worry about fat. However, exercise is required to get a good body with Dymatize 100, just like with any other supplement. If you only take supplements and do not work out, it will eventually turn into fat unless it gets burnt off. The best method for a healthy body is to have plenty of vitamins, proteins and exercise.