A great deal of the energy production within body cells is attributable to the natural Coenzyme Q10 everyone possesses.  It is known that this CoQ10 is produced less by the body as a person gets older or suffers from health issues. Based on the products we see attributable to this compound, what is CoQ10 supplement, and is it essential for our well-being?

All scientists do not support the use of supplements for CoQ10. Some think that the body stops producing it for a reason and that attempts to put it back work to unbalance the body. Let’s look at what CoQ10 does within the body.

What Does CoQ10 Do?

There are several processes that CoQ10 is a part of, and all of these are positive.  A brief list includes:

  • Lowering LDL Cholesterol – CoQ10 helps the body manufacturer Vitamin E, which is a known defender against accumulations of LDL. Vitamin E supplements aren’t needed if CoQ10 supplements do their job. The heart is healthier when CoQ10 reduces cholesterol oxidation in the veins and arteries.
  • Hormones and Enzymes cannot perform as they should if CoQ10 is not present.
  • Stabilization of Cell Membranes – When there is a shortage of CoQ10, harmful elements can get into cells more easily and damage them because of the instability. So, a CoQ10 supplement may offer increased protection for the building blocks in the body.
  • Increases the Body’s Ability to Fight Other Problems – CoQ10 in higher amounts is thought to be instrumental in fighting Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, kidney failure, gum disease and migraine headaches. There are indications that high blood pressure may be reduced with a healthy supply of CoQ10.

Is There a Danger From CoQ10 Supplements?

Because of the positive effects, many patients with Parkinson’s disease use a lot of CoQ10 supplements. These high doses have shown no ill effects after prolonged use, but there is no clinical study for this specific purpose. This might suggest that replacing CoQ10 in the body is a good thing, despite what some scientists believe.

What is CoQ10 supplement, and how can it help us?  Through many different ways, CoQ10 makes our lives better, both in the natural compound produced by the body and the supplement to replace what is missing. As with any medication, vitamin, supplement, or substance that is placed in the body, care should be taken to use only what is necessary.