Colloidal silver nasal spray is one of several types of products manufactured for the use of colloidal silver. It is a water-based liquid suspension of ultra-fine particles of silver, most commonly used in alternative medicine as an antibacterial agent. Colloidal silver is considered by some to be a cure-all disinfectant, but others dispute the validity of these claims.

CS nasal spray is used specifically to clear sinus infections, congestion or dryness, or to aid the treatment of a cold or flu. Most manufacturers recommend only a few sprays per day for no more than 10 days at a time, half that for children. The FDA has not officially approved the use of colloidal silver for either curative or preventative health benefits.

Colloidal silver can be purchased online or at most natural health food stores and it is usually sold in small bottles of 1-2 oz. The largest commercial manufacturer of colloidal silver nasal spray is Source Naturals, a company which specializes in herbal and mineral formula supplements.

The only known side effect of the use of colloidal silver is a condition called “argyria,” a blue-gray discoloration of the skin, eyes, and/or organs. This occurs with chronic accumulation of silver in the body, but would only occur with unusually large doses for prolonged periods of time.

In addition, anyone with allergies or sensitivities to metals should use caution with any silver products. Allergy symptoms may include:

– continuous sneezing after use
– itching or burning of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat or skin
– running nose or coughing
– headache

These allergy symptoms may also be difficult to distinguish from the infection symptoms the spray is being used to treat. Therefore, before trying any silver supplement, check with a doctor or trusted source to avoid potential complications.