Most people think that the Garmin watch is strictly for athletes or for those who have been training seriously for quite some time.

Although this is partially true — this watch is indeed popular with those types of individuals — this item however is not just made for them. With proper guidance and enough knowledge, this device can be effectively used by people who are in physical rehabilitation.

Health Monitoring with a Garmin Watch

People recovering from a disease, injury or physical impairment are being encouraged to perform exercise activities as a way for them to regain their independence. Although they aren’t expected to run immediately as soon as they get out of the hospital, most of them are at least encouraged to perform daily walking sessions.

With a Garmin watch, these individuals will be able to monitor the status of their vital statistics without requiring any assistance. A watch like this can usually function with a wireless heart rate monitor, allowing the user to gain knowledge of whether or not he is performing within the safe range of his capabilities.

Although walking is a slow activity, small amounts of improvements can still be measured by the Garmin watch. It can provide the person who is undertaking physical rehabilitation with sufficient information about his speed and the distance that he was able to walk with each session.

All this data can be stored in the computer so that he and the person who may be monitoring his daily routines can review and analyze how he was able to perform. This can serve as a basis for deciding whether or not more challenging activities can be introduced to his workout sessions.

A Tool for Recovery

As you can see, as long as there is proper guidance, and the person who will be using this product have enough knowledge about how he is expected to perform his exercises, this watch can be a great tool for people recovering from a physical impairment.

The Garmin Venu series of watches would best suit someone recovering from illness or injury, since they focus less on running or other athletic activities and more on health monitoring.


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