When the average person starts their weight loss journey, their motivation level is high and they are committed to losing weight. When that motivation level dips, whether it’s on day 2 or day 102, weight loss isn’t so easy. In order to lose weight over the long term, you need to keep yourself motivated each and every day.

Use Your Photos to Motivate You
Two types of photograph will motivate you to lose weight. First, have a look through your old photos and dig out the most unflattering one you can find; swimwear photos are usually the best. Put it on the fridge, on the wall, or in your purse. Then find the best photo you have, one where you were feeling happy with the way you looked, and place it next to the unflattering one. Next time you feel your motivation levels begin to slip, have a good look at the two photos. This is one of the most powerful ways to sharpen your resolve.

Motivate Yourself to Exercise with a Work-Out Buddy
It’s amazing how many excuses you can find to put off exercise. It could be that you’re tired, you’re hungry, or it’s started to rain. Suddenly the idea of pounding the pavements doesn’t sound as attractive as curling up on the sofa in front of the TV. If this scenario happens to you on a regular basis, arrange to exercise with a work-out buddy. Once you commit to an activity with another person, it’s much harder to back out of it.

Motivate Yourself with Rewards
Don’t wait until you reach your final goal to reward yourself. Set small milestones along the way, and treat yourself when you reach them. Make the treats non-edible, such as a massage, a new item of clothing, or maybe a trip to the movies. Next time you’re about to give in and eat something you shouldn’t, visualize your reward being pushed further away.

Keep Focused on your Goal
Have a firm idea of the weight loss goal you’re aiming for. Imagine how you’re going to feel, and how you’ll look, when you reach this goal. Bring this image to the forefront of your mind every time you feel your motivation begin to slip. This image alone could be enough to stop you from reaching for the cookie jar.

Above all, believe in yourself.
If you enter your weight loss plan believing you will never succeed, be prepared for failure. If you enter your weight loss plan believing you will be successful, then there’s every chance you will be.