Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. It’s for this very reason that the extra value meal, super size, and meal upgrade options have become all the rage here in America. If you can get twice the amount of french fries for a quarter more, why wouldn’t you, right? Unfortunately, it’s that rationale that has gotten us where we are today; overweight, saturated with high cholesterol, and inundated with disease. So, what are we to do about this ever growing epidemic?

The key to success is to watch your portions. You have to be in charge of the way you are eating, because heaven knows the restaurants serving your dinner to you on a platter are not going to be responsible. Here are some ways to help your portion control which can get you on the road to successful weight loss:

1. Measure it out.

The best way to be sure of your portions is to measure them. We often underestimate the amount of what we are eating when we are eyeballing it, so try to measure everything out that you can.

2. Get it to go.

When you receive huge portions of your meal at a restaurant, ask for a box from the very beginning. As soon as your meal arrives, box up half of it to take home so you aren’t tempted to sit and pick at it after you’re already full.

3. Check your labels.

Nutrition facts on product labels can often be misleading, because what may seem to us like it would be a reasonable portion of whatever item we’re eating, actually has more than one “serving” in it. Check not only the calorie count, but the serving size as well.

4. Eat like a child.

Order from the kids’ menu. The portions in the kids’ meals tend to be a lot smaller and contain less calories overall. Creating a calorie deficit is all part of a fat burning diet.

5. Pre-package your foods.

If a portion of crackers to you is however many you can fit in your hand, this might be a beneficial tip. As soon as you come home from the store, portion your foods out into small baggies. With this done, if you are needing a snack you can simply grab a baggie.

These simple tips can help you take control of your lifestyle, and stop your overeating habits. For more information on healthy diets, weight loss and healthy tips visit howtolosebellyfat101.com