Among the relaxation services that are offered at many day spas there is one that is often met with hesitation. This service is the ancient technique of acupuncture. Our misunderstanding of this service has led most of us to pass up the opportunity to experience this effective relaxation and pain relieving method.

Acupuncture was developed centuries ago in southeast Asia to help unblock the energy channels that we are all said to possess. Energy flows through everyone’s body through certain channels and when these pathways become blocked then it is said our health begins to deteriorate. By placing needles at specific points along the pathways the energy can be released and continue to flow as it normally would.

Whether or not you believe that we all have energy flowing through us doesn’t make the treatment any less effective. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce pain in chronic sufferers as well as offer a great way to release tension and stress. One thing that is for certain is that when we are stuck with needles our brains tend to release endorphins. These hormones act like natural pain relievers and help to give the body its “relaxed” feeling.

Acupuncture Needle

Photo by Xhienne

The biggest reservation most people have toward this mysterious wellness method is the fact that it uses needles in its treatment. We don’t like being stuck with needles. The last time we had it done was by a doctor or dentist that wanted to inject remedies into our bodies. That experience was painful and so we assume acupuncture will be painful as well.

In a normal treatment a client will have around 10 to 12 needles in them at the same time. Rest assured these needles are very thin and only need to penetrate the upper layer of skin deep enough so they don’t fall off. Skilled acupuncturists know how to apply the needles deftly. Most clients don’t even feel the needles in their skin.

Acupuncture is a very old technique that is still widely practiced today because of its ability to relieve pain and reduce stress; so don’t let the idea of all those needles prevent you from enjoying this effective relaxation method.