Cellulite, those dreaded lumps of orange peel skin that frequently appear on thighs, butt cheeks and hips, affect an estimated 90% of women worldwide. While totally harmless, cellulite is considered aesthetically unpleasant. It is associated with bad diet choices, a lack of physical exercise and a less-than-ideal lifestyle. Cellulite was not a beauty issue 40 to 50 years ago but with more emphasis on health and fitness these days, effective and efficient cellulite removal has become the holy grail of the medical and beauty industries.

Can cellulite be removed?

Inside every woman’s thigh, there are tight bands of fiber that connect muscle tissues to the inner layer of the skin. Where no bonds are formed, fat deposits can be found. These fat cells can bulge up or shrink depending on the individual’s diet and lifestyle. These deposits create the rippled appearance for which cellulite is best known.

The structure of the fat and muscle tissues makes cellulite rather difficult to remove. While the condition can persist in many individuals, it can be remedied with the use of certain therapies and treatments.

The DIY Method

One of the most popular remedies that promises to repair skin and combat cottage cheese appearance is the cellulite removal cream. Topical creams contain different ingredients that are supposed to reduce fat and thus improve the appearance of dimpling on the skin surface. Active ingredients differ in terms of action – caffeine, for example, is a diuretic, removing excess moisture from the skin to make it appear firm; retinol exfoliates and improves the production of collagen, thereby making skin thicker; DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) stimulates muscle contraction, which firms up the skin and minimizes the uneven texture. Effects are usually short-term and apparent only as long as the treatment continues, but the solution is more affordable, convenient and painless.

Other treatments

Laser cellulite removal is the latest in a long line of solutions to combat cellulite. Most treatments utilize laser technology with deep-tissue massage. The combination is meant to target and remove fat cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage so the body can get rid of the excess fat cells naturally. Laser removal is an excellent option for certain individuals and it does offer immediate and long-term results. It must be performed by a trained and licensed professional in order to ensure the safety of the patient and the efficacy of the treatment.

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