With hundreds of fitness DVDs that have come out in recent years and are still being launched today, one has to think if any of these are really worth your time and money. Although we have seen a lot of product reviews that tell us they are, most people still seem skeptical of how these fitness routines can help them reach their goals in terms of physical fitness. Two of the most talked about fitness DVDs today are the P90X and the Insanity workout, both claiming that they are the toughest routines around.

To understand what would work best for you, putting P90X versus Insanity in terms of how it can help you get fit and what it can bring to you is necessary. Before we can answer which one is tougher and which is the best, we need to see what these two workouts are all about.

The P90X workout, they say, is tough because it is designed to create muscle confusion by constantly changing the routine of the workouts for the duration of the 90-day program, making it harder to adapt to because of the variety of exercises that you will be required to do in a three-month period. Adding to its difficulty is the fact that there is a need to use some fitness equipment and weights in order to perform some of the routines in the video. With that being said, it does seem that the P90X really is one tough workout to beat.

On the other hand, the Insanity workout displays a much more upbeat kind of workout that requires fast movements that are sure to tire anyone out. Dancing to upbeat tunes while performing hard movements worthy of experienced athletes could pose some difficulty to beginners, and although no weight lifting or equipment are necessary for this workout, the mere fact that someone with little to no background on working out will definitely have a hard time with this is something that should be noted.

Looking at the two programs, it does seem that they are both tough and hard to follow and as a matter of fact, some experts say that they are not for beginners. What they all agree on is that the two offer a slightly different outcome when it comes to fitness. Although both will definitely create a healthier you, the P90X is geared towards muscle build up and body toning, whereas Insanity will give you more cardiovascular strength in the end.

No matter which way you choose to become healthy and whatever losing weight tips you follow, adhering to some kind of a health program — rather than merely doing random exercises at the gym — is the best way to get closer to your goals.