Elliptical machines are the latest rage in exercise equipment. Elliptical machines combine the cardio workout and stamina-building power of the treadmill with the muscle-toning and strength-building prowess of the stair stepper in one powerful machine. It is a machine that offers the lowest impact aerobic workout out of any other fitness equipment available in the market today.

Elliptical machines help people who cannot easily exercise due to joint problems get a solid and fluid workout without much risk of aggravating their injuries. The reason for this is that elliptical machines use magnetic resistance that allows the machine to have that smooth gliding motion that makes it easy for people to move without too much impact.

There are many brands of elliptical machines available; Precor, Proform, Reebok, Life Fitness, Horizon, Sole and Schwinn are some of the top manufacturers of elliptical machines. So, in order to get the best machine that will fit your budget and lifestyle you have to do the research and read the elliptical cross trainer reviews that are available on the internet.

By reading these elliptical machine reviews, you can compare and contrast not only prices but also the features that make each machine unique from all the others. Remember that a machine like this is expensive (around $1,000.00 a pop) and therefore you really have to make sure that you get the best fit for you and not just the most expensive or the fanciest machine.

Reading the elliptical cross trainer reviews will allow you to consider the following aspects that will help you decide on which machine to purchase:

  • Look for a machine that has a good, stable and comfortable stride for you. You have to make sure that the machine you get fits your stride or you may injure yourself.
  • You might also want to look for a machine with an adjustable incline ramp; this will allow you to increase the resistance at will and help burn more calories.
  • A machine with comfortable pedals is very important. You should never slip while pedaling and the pedals must help you maintain a good balance while working out.

So, read up and learn before you purchase. Choose a few models that seem to suit you best, then try to find them at your local retailers. Test them in person to confirm that the fit and feel is right for you. Then, when you’re certain what you want, you can shop for price and convenience. Are online prices lower? What about shipping and warranty?